Corporate Social Responsibility

Paul Graham Pharma Consulting is committed to doing business responsibly.  Our approach focuses on 3 key areas, reflecting our vision and values.

1. Environmental Impact and Sustainability

The role of the QP involves a fair amount of travel as the work is mostly required at the client’s site, we use public transport wherever possible, thereby significantly reducing our carbon footprint. Our office is located within 5 miles of our home and is a modern, well insulated and energy efficient building.

We have invested in technology (Webcam and SkypeTM) and digital signature software (Adobe AcrobatTM) to enable remote working to reduce the need for travelling to client sites.

PGPC has procedures in place to recycle all paper, cardboard, glass, metals, toner cartridges and batteries.

2. Working with Communities

Paul is passionate about helping to maintain High Quality in the pharmaceutical business so when the opportunity presents itself to pass on some of the acquired knowledge, gained through his many years of experience, to potential new recruits to the healthcare sector, he gladly does so.

In his own time and free of charge he has lectured to medical and pharmaceutical science students at both the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland University.

In addition, Paul is a supporter of community based projects such as Groundwork. Instead of spending money on sending hundreds of Christmas Cards at the end of 2011, PGPC donated the money they would have spent to the Com.Cafe which is a Groundwork run project on the Glebe Estate in West Drayton, Hillingdon.

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3. Working with Industry Interest Groups

Paul Graham is currently a committee member on the Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group (The Royal Society of Chemistry/The Royal Pharmaceutical Society). He attends regular committee meetings in London travelling by train to help organise professional meetings and progress the science of analytical chemistry.

After gaining his own QP status by the permanent provisions he has freely mentored and helped numerous colleagues, to also achieve QP status.

Paul has joined the regional bodies such as CELS and NEPIC and was invited by NEPIC to present a talk on the role of QP’S in 2010.

In 2012, we are planning to host a regional QP forum to promote a local network of QPs and trainee QPs in the region.

Paul Graham Pharma Consulting CSR Annual Review

Our CSR Annual Review provides details of our performance against key environmental, social and economic indicators and outlines some of the great initiatives we have been involved in over the last year.