Qualified Person on Manufacturer’s and Importer’s Licence and Manufacturer’s (IMP) Licence

Paul Graham Pharma Consulting Ltd and their associates can provide qualified and experienced permanent provision QPs to fit your business needs.  We understand the importance of this role and the impact the QP has on your business and will ensure there is a good fit between you and the contract QP to meet the needs of your company, the regulator and ultimately the patient.  We are all active QPs operating on a limited number of licences

Our QPs maintain and develop their knowledge of the regulations, best practice and GMP through continuing Professional Development which is assessed by the professional bodies, The Royal Society of Chemistry, The Royal Pharmaceutical Society or the Royal Society of Biology on an annual basis and each QP holds Professional Indemnity Insurance.

When in post, the QP will offer

  • Product release activities
  • Participation in deviation, customer complaint investigations and review of change controls
  • Self inspection audits
  • Regulatory compliance checks and licence maintenance
  • GMP training
  • Mentoring and support for trainee QPs

We can provide QP’s with experience on commercial and Investigational Medicinal Product sites covering a wide range of dosage forms.