Trainee QP Mentoring

We realise the huge commitment needed by the company and the trainee QP in progressing through the knowledge guide and gaining the necessary experience to successfully pass the QP viva. The burden of going through this process is eased when experienced QPs are available on the site to encourage, mentor and support the trainee towards a successful outcome. Paul has active experience as a sponsor of trainee QPs.

The support of an experienced QP may be difficult on sites with a low number of QPs as they will necessarily be internally focussed on their many QP responsibilities.

You may consider engaging Paul in mentoring or supporting your trainee QPs through the process to achieve QP eligibility.

Mentoring can be provided by on-site visits, telephone or Skype™ webcam meetings.

Performing a mock viva prior to submission of the trainee QP’s application is often useful in identifying knowledge/experience gaps which can be used to ensure full preparedness for the viva.

In addition, our wide networking circle can help mentored trainee QPs to connect with pharmaceutical sites missing from their experience portfolio.

Please contact for further details of this service.